Memory Makeover

(for ages 5+)


  • Set of index cards

Recipe for Playful Learning!

Give the classic game of Memory a makeover by encouraging your kids to create their own version.

STEP 1: Pick a subject to learn about that has lots of facts and research possibilities (for example: state capitals or North American animals).

STEP 2: Have your child research the topic and come up with fun facts and interesting tidbits about it. Be sure to have them use reputable sources for their research.

STEP 3: Have your child write a question or fact on one index card and the answer or match on another card to make their own memory game. For example, they can write “What is the capital of New York? on one card and “Albany” on another.

STEP 4: Next, mix up all the cards and start matching! This will allow children to test out the functionality of their game.

TIP: Encourage children to play the game with others (siblings, friends, grandparents). It gives them a chance to practice even more while educating others on their topic.

DID YOU KNOW? Not only do matching games strengthen memory, but they also aid in concentration and problem solving!

Skills to Practice: Research, Inference, Memory, Compare/Contrast