Summer Playbook

Summer is the perfect time to explore new things and try new activities together as a family. Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, we’ve put together a few fun ideas and activities to keep kids occupied and learning during the long summer days. From ready-to-use coloring pages to engaging and easy to set up games, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the summer and play away!

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Back to School STEAM Toys

Just released! The Toy Association’s Back to School STEAM Accredited Toy List features 25 outstanding products to help kids build skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

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Check out these new, innovative & trending toys recently featured on TV.

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Benefits of Play

6 Benefits of Play

Play isn’t all fun and games — it’s also an important teaching tool! Think of it as recess and study hall all rolled into one. Through play, kids learn how to interact with others and reach critical developmental milestones.


Active play helps kids with coordination, balance, motor skills, and spending their natural energy!


During play, kids learn to cope with emotions like fear, frustration, anger and aggression.


Children learn to think, read, remember, reason and pay attention through play.


By allowing imaginations to run wild during play, kids create new worlds, form unique ideas, and much more!


Play lets kids exchange thoughts, information, and messages.

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How to Build Awareness and Acknowledgement of Gratitude Through Play

Occupational therapist, Antonia Llull, shares play ideas and activities that highlight the importance of teaching gratitude to children to encourage life-long benefits.

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Expert Advice

Be In The Know

Expert Advice

Experts agree that play has a profound impact on childhood learning. Every so often, we'll have articles, useful tips, sound advice, and the latest research from leaders in the field on children and education.

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Play Talk

Experts on education, childhood, and play share the latest information and research about the importance of play, childhood development, and tips you can use.

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For Teachers

For Teachers

Find out ways to incorporate play into your school day with play-based lesson plans that align perfectly with the curriculum.

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Toy Time

Toy Time

Whether it’s a stuffed animal, action toy, puzzle, doll, or race car set, toys ignite kids’ imaginations, curiosity, critical thinking, and more.

Toy Timeline

See how toys have evolved since waaay before you were a kid!

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Age-by-Age Toy Guide

Learn how to select toys that match your child’s interests, abilities and developmental skills.

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Cool Toy Picks

Find out the types of toys geared specifically for your child’s interests and abilities.

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