(for ages 5+, requires adult help)


  • Construction paper
  • A bowl for each child
  • A long straw for each child
  • Stencils of pieces of clothing and other, unrelated shapes
  • Scissors

Prep Time:

  • 15 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

Have an adult trace and cut out shapes of clothing and unrelated objects (like apples, squares, a fence, triangles, etc.) from construction paper. Each child must have a set of the cutouts (e.g., if 4 children are playing, you must have 4 of each cutout). Sit the children around a table and give each a straw, a set of cutouts, and a “suitcase” (bowl) large enough to hold the cutouts. Have each child toss their set of cutouts onto the table in front of them. Now each child has to put only the cutouts of clothing into their “suitcase” using the straw like a vacuum to pick them up and put them into the “suitcase” (bowl). No hands! The first child to put all of their clothing cutouts into their “suitcase” wins.