From A to Z

(For Ages 3+)


  • Paper
  • Pencil

Recipe for Fun!

Aside from teaching basic literacy skills, this gives kids the chance to explore their creative side.

STEP 1: On a piece of paper, instruct your child to write down the alphabet, listing A to Z from top to bottom. (Parents can assist their younger kids that aren’t able to write their letters yet.)

STEP 2: Together, choose a topic for the list, i.e., animals, nature, food, games, sports, names or leave it general and non-specific.

STEP 3: Decide upon a time limit or choose to come back to the list multiple times over time to complete. BONUS TIP: This play idea is perfect for a long car ride.

STEP 4: Let your child choose where to start, either at the beginning with A or with the letter that matches the first item they think of.

STEP 5: As they complete different lists, you can refer to them for future spelling challenges!

MODIFICATION: While most answers should be words that match the letter, allow for some wiggle room on the harder letters. For example, a “quiet game of chess” for ‘q’ or a “zoo of bugs” for ‘z’ are clever suggestions.

Benefits of Play: Cognitive, Communication, Creative

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