Balloon Ball Pit

(For Ages 3+)


  • Balloons in different colors
  • “Pit” Container: Large laundry basket, Small blow-up pool. Large cardboard box
  • Small toys or small household items
  • Paper and pencil

Prep Time:

  • 15 minutes to blow up balloons only half-way

Recipe for Fun!

  • Scavenger Hunt: Fill up your large container with as many small sized balloons necessary to hide the treasures. Make sure to make a list of all the small hidden items to check the progress. Set a timer and see how many items your child can find before time is up!
  • Matching Game: Collect pairs of items (i.e., two small dolls, two small cars, two small dinosaur figures, two spoons) and hide them in the balloon pit. Ask you child to find as many of the matching items as possible.
  • Play and Learn: Build your child’s alphabet and create words with hidden letters. Using magnetic letter pieces or simply use small notepad size paper to write individual letters on - call out letters for your child to find in the balloon pit. Depending on the age of the child, call out words and have your child find the right letters to spell it out.