Toys & STEAM

Play is how kids learn the skills they need for success in life. Learn the importance of STEM/STEAM toys and the unifying characteristics to look for when shopping for toys.
There are many different characteristics and attributes that make up a good STEAM toy! See them all at a glance here:
Ready to dive in? Explore below to find out more about the key characteristics and attributes at the heart of every STEAM toy, as well as specific learning goals in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math for various age groups. Because STEAM is all about connecting and integrating different disciplines, a good STEAM toy will support learning goals in at least two of these subjects.

‘Good Toy’ Characteristics

Prime STEAM Attributes

Specific Learning Goals,
Age 2 - 3 Years

Specific Learning Goals,
Age 4 - 6 Years

Specific Learning Goals,
Age 10 - 12 Years

Specific Learning Goals,
Age 12+ Years

Toys and play are critical to learning anything, and STEAM is no exception. Here are the top 10 benefits of toys and play as they relate to STEAM: