Twin Plants

(for ages 4+)


  • Healthy plant
  • Water cups
  • Plastic wrap
  • Planters
  • Crayons
  • Paint

Recipe for Playful Learning!

Learn how to grow your own plants from other plants. Simply cutting a piece of a plant off and placing it in water will allow the “baby” cutting to copy itself into a “twin” of the parent plant.

STEP 1: Pick a healthy plant with a lot of branches. Cut off 1 or 2 of the branches that are close to the main stem. Cut off any smaller branches from the cutting so that the plant focuses on root growth.

STEP 2: Prepare water ahead of time so that it is room temperature. Fill ¾ of a cup with water for each cutting.

STEP 3: Cover each water cup with plastic wrap and cut a small hole in the center on top. Place each cutting in the hole to keep it standing upright.

STEP 4: Place cups in a room with indirect sunlight. Make sure the cups get 6-8 hours of darkness because that’s when the roots grow the most.

STEP 5: In about 7-10 days, you should see rooting take place. If nothing grows by week 3, you may need to start over.

STEP 6: When you see roots, it’s time to transplant! Make sure you pick the right size container to plant your new baby plant in so it can adapt to its new home.

STEP 7: Use paint or crayons to decorate your new planter. These new plants make perfect gifts to share with your family and friends!

Skills to Practice: Science, Botany, Observation, Experimentation. Critical Thinking