Table Talk

(for ages 3+)


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Recipe for Playful Learning!

Maximize mealtime to get your kids talking and learning!

STEP 1: Choose an age-appropriate topic – i.e., U.S. states, words that start with the letter Q, wild animals, types of flowers, fruits and vegetables, book or movie characters, etc.

STEP 2: Have each person – kids and adults – take a turn and name one item from the chosen topic. Keep going until someone is stumped!

STEP 3: Make a note where the player got stumped and allow for some online research after mealtime to get more answers.

STEP 4: Continue the topic at your next meal or suggest it for a future date and see how many items everyone can recall.


For older kids: Name 2-3 items from the chosen topic.

Skills to Practice: Communication, Vocabulary, Speaking, Critical Thinking