Pair It


  • Ten 3x5 index cards and/or extra family photos

Prep Time:

  • 5-20 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

Have children draw pictures on the index cards. They can be drawings of simple shapes, animals or designs. Once the cards are complete, cut each one in half. Make sure the children know you plan to cut them in half before you do it! Place the cards in several rows in front of the children and have them identify the matches.


  • Concentration. When the cards are all face up in front of the children, they are focusing on the cards’ details to match them up.
  • Visual scanning skills. Being able to scan smoothly from left to right and up and down is critical for reading and writing.
  • Problem solving. Children use critical thinking skills to rotate the pieces and match the images correctly.


For an easier time:

  • Keep the images face up so they can be seen and matched with less challenge.
  • Use only two cards initially and match the image. In subsequent rounds, gradually increase the number of cards presented.

For extended challenge:

  • Place the cards face down in several rows in front of the children. Take turns flipping over two cards at a time to find a match. When they successfully match a pair, have them keep the pair and take an extra turn.


Use family photos instead of the children’s artwork. Cut the photos in half and follow the same rules to play.