Musical Statues

(for ages 3+)


  • Music player
  • Space to dance

Recipe for Fun!

Musical games are an enjoyable way for your child to twist and shake to the music. A game for one or more people, musical statues can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

STEP 1: Play the music and tell the kids to start to dance.

STEP 2: When the music stops, the kids should freeze like statues.

STEP 3: Call out the length of time that the kids have to stand still, varying the length for each round.

STEP 4: Anyone who moves, giggles, or even wobbles when the music is not playing is out.

STEP 5: Turn the music back on and tell the kids to continue dancing.

STEP 6: The last player dancing when the music stops for the final round at the end is the champion statue!

Benefits of Play: Physical, Social, Communication, Creative