Musical Limbo

(for ages 3+)


  • A long stick or beam
  • Music player
  • Space to play

Recipe for Fun!

For multiple players, limbo is a fun game that tests your body’s flexibility! Add music, and it becomes even more fun. In musical limbo, you don’t just walk under the beam, you dance under it!

STEP 1: Select music based on your child’s age and interest – or let them choose the music!

STEP 2: Have two adults each hold an end of the limbo stick at a height that allows the children to pass under it without a lot of effort.

STEP 3: When the players are all lined up, start the music, and have the children dance under the beam, one after the other.

STEP 4: Whenever a child touches the limbo stick or fails to dance while going under it is out of the game.

STEP 5: After each round, lower the limbo stick a little and repeat the game.

STEP 6: Play until there is only one child left. The child who manages to dance till the end wins!

Benefits of Play: Physical, Creative, Social