Emoji Bingo

(for ages 3+)


  • Bingo Cards
  • Bingo Emojis
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Small container
  • Cut-out discs or small items to use as bingo markers

Recipe for Playful Learning!

This game is a great twist on the classic bingo game to play at home with family and friends to help kids practice labeling and expressing emotions while having fun! The simple act of labeling emotions can help children prevent big emotional reactions and help them feel better.

STEP 1: If making your own template, simply take paper and pen to create a blank grid to be used as each player’s bingo card.

Download Pre-Made Bingo Cards Here

STEP 2: Print out multiple copies of the Emojis for each player, plus an extra to use as the master set. This is what you’ll use to create your individual bingo cards.

STEP 3: Work with each player to cut out and fasten each emoji onto the blank bingo grid or the bingo card template. If you are making your own card, remind kids to place the emojis randomly on their boards. If you are using a pre-made bingo card, skip this step.

STEP 4: Make sure you keep a duplicate of all the emojis as a master set. To keep them all in one place, put them in a small container, such as a jar or a basket.

STEP 5: Give each player an equal number of discs or small items to mark off their emojis.

STEP 6: Ask each player to take turns picking an emoji face from the jar, calling it out to the rest of the group, and acting out the emotion associated with that emoji. Players should place a marker on their board corresponding with that emoji.

STEP 7: Keep playing Emoji Bingo until someone wins, getting five markers in a row horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. Then, clear the cards and start again.

Benefits of Play: Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Communication, Creative