Broccoli Trees

(For Ages 3+)


  • Water-based paint in brown, green, pink, and other colors in nature
  • Construction paper for each child
  • Small paintbrushes for each child
  • Stalks of broccoli – 1 for 2 children
  • Covered work surface


Prep Time:

  • 10 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

This one takes some adult prep. Cut enough broccoli stems in half (the long way - so it lies flat) for each child, set up the activity area, and distribute supplies. Now the kids can dive in. Dip a broccoli stem into brown paint, and press it evenly onto a piece of paper …that’s the tree trunk! Now let the kids paint (with brushes or fingers) colored flowers and leaves onto the tree to complete the look. For young Picassos, let their imaginations run wild while they paint a whole scene.