Bedroom Planetarium

(for ages 5+)


  • Large poster board
  • Pencils
  • Glow paint or glow in the dark markers or crayons

Recipe for Playful Learning!

Kids love looking up at the stars! Help your kids learn about constellations in a new creative way while turning their bedroom into a magical place.

STEP 1: Suggest constellations that have a mythological background, such as Pisces, Orion, Taurus, and Gemini.

STEP 2: Allow some online research about their chosen constellations, including how to identify the constellation in the night sky and the mythological story behind it.

STEP 3: Using giant poster board, have your kids illustrate how the constellation looks in the night sky. Using glow paint, glitter, or bright markers will really make the stars stand out.

STEP 4: Once each poster board is dry, hang them on the ceiling.

STEP 5: At bedtime, turn the lights off in the bedroom and have your kids either lie on the floor or in their bed, gazing up to view your night sky.

STEP 6: Join your kids to go through each constellation on the ceiling and ask questions. Encourage older kids to share how to locate the constellation in the night sky, as well as the legend behind it.

Skills to Practice: Astronomy, Research, Observation