Basket Toss


  • A variety of differently sized balls, bean bags, soft objects (e.g., stuffed animals)
  • Laundry basket

Prep Time:

  • 10 minutes to gather items

Recipe for Fun!

Place the objects within easy reach of the child (on the floor, wheelchair tray, table). Place the laundry basket far enough away to provide some challenge without it becoming a frustration. Have the child one by one throw the balls and other objects into the basket. Alter the distance as necessary. Count how many he got in and then have him try to beat that score next time. Or, with each consecutive play, move the basket a little bit farther away.


  • Strengthens hand and finger grasp and develops the ability to release objects. These are fine motor skills that help kids develop precise movements, like movements needed to cut with scissors or pick up a cup to drink.
  • Develops eye-hand coordination, which is important in linking the brain with movement. This helps with tasks like tying your shoes and prepares kids for success in reading and writing.
  • Strengthens visual tracking skills. Tracking a moving object helps develop eye muscles needed for reading and writing.


  • Move the basket closer or farther away depending on your child's ability and frustration level.       
  • Use larger or smaller objects or larger or smaller baskets, depending on your child’s ability and frustration level. By gradually using smaller objects, you are helping develop precision in grasp.
  • Swap balls for stuffed animals that won’t roll away.
  • Deflate balls slightly so they are easier to grasp and won’t roll as fast
  • Play on grass or carpet rather than tile or wood so the balls roll slower. This helps with visual tracking.
  • Move the objects. If your child has a weak side, move the objects to that side so your child needs to use that arm/hand to pick up each object. They may transfer it to their strong side to throw, which is aiding in hand transferring and crossing midline.