Act It Out


  • Favorite children’s book

Prep Time:

  • 10 minutes (time to read the book aloud)

Recipe for Fun!

Read the book aloud and then act it out. Each child can play a different role. Set the scene, talk through what happens in the scene, get everyone in place, and call “action!” Children can then act out the scene using words and movement.


  • Hones working memory by having children act out the sequence of the story. This skill is necessary to complete daily activities, like getting dressed or brushing teeth. It helps kids attend to detail, process the task and execute in sequential order.
  • Verbal turn taking is a skill that needs to be learned for effective communication. Acting out a story provides the opportunity for playmates to practice taking turns in conversation and learning how to actively listen, process and respond to others.

For an easier time:

  • Act out a short, simple book or just a scene in the book.
  • Look at a picture in the book and act out what you think is happening.
  • Act out a book that has a reoccurring phrase. Have the children repeat that phrase as you narrate, rather than reenact the whole story.

For extended challenge: Have the children extend the story by acting out “then what happens.” This gives children the opportunity to add individual creative expression.


  • Add props. It may be easier to “get in character” when children dress the part and have props to help tell the story.